Avinanta Tarigan

Head of Center for Information Security Research @ Gunadarma

Dr.rer.nat. Avinanta Tarigan is a Head of Center for Information Security Research of Gunadarma University in Depok Indonesia. He has been spending most of his time as lecturer and researcher in computer science, also serving as consultants for IT projects and IT system Audit.

His specialties including: Information Security, Socio-Technical Systems, Computational Science, Distributed and Decentralized Systems, PKI Implementation, Reputation Systems (Soft-Security), Computer Forensics, Operating Systems, Networking, and E-Government.

His dissertation is really interesting. It is about a set of logic and algorithms to complete transactions among decentralized P2P that promotes accountability as well as establishing trust. It applies distributed cryptography to achieve the goals. It is similar to blockchain of BitCoins but using different approaches.