Hugo Messer

Agile trainer, Distributed team expert, Entrepreneur @ Ekipa Indonesia

Hugo Messer has been building and managing teams around the world for over 10 years. His passion is to enable people that are spread across cultures, geography and time zones to cooperate. Whether it’s offshoring or nearshoring, he knows what it takes to make a global collaboration work. He has written 6 books about managing remote team

Scrum is a central part of Hugo’s story, he’s a certified scrum professional (CSP) and certified scrum master (CSM). His software company Bridge Global has recently gone through an agile transformation.

Hugo is currently building Ekipa Indonesia. Ekipa is an agile agency, offering training and coaching. Hugo’s currently living in Bali. He’s helping Indonesian organizations adopt an agile mindset and implement practices through community events, training and coaching.

One of Hugo’s drives in building his companies is having an impact on poverty reduction. Bridge and Ekipa contribute to this by creating sustainable jobs in upcoming economies. We also support various charities in the countries where we have our offices.

Specialties: ✔ Remote teams ✔ Distributed Agile ✔ Scrum ✔ Lean Startup ✔ Software Development ✔ Offshoring ✔ Nearshoring