Ifnu Bima

Development Manager @ blibli.com

He is a coder at hearth. Love writing code for anything interesting, from small hobby to solve complicated problem that will change indonesian consumer behaviour.

He was graduated from Computer Science IPB and now is MBA student at School of Business and Management ITB. He love to learn and evolve himself to understand deeper about business and engineering culture.

He start his profesional work as Software Developer 10+ years ago, mostly as Consultant for Financial Industry. Was working in Singapore for 2 years before joining Blibli.com as Senior Engineer. At Blibli.com, he encourage and help the company to develop its own platform and continously improve its engineering capability.

Now he assume Development Manager role that basicly an engineering manager role. He oversee development of Blibli.com web UI, mobile apps, Content Management System (CMS) and Search Engine.

At spare time, if any, he love to involve in developer community, been active in Java Developer Community for over 10 years, writing java books and contributing code in github.com. Other time he love to spent his time with his family, running, working out and try to live healthy life.