Silvana Wasitova

Scrum & Agile Coach @ Wasitova Solutions

  • Scrum and Agile Coach, guiding organizations in Agile adoption and transformations, to achieve faster delivery, better quality and increased customer satisfaction
  • Organized and delivered Scrum training to 700+ persons, trained 120+ Scrum Masters
  • Extensive experience managing global cross-functional teams and mission critical projects in Fortune 500 corporations spanning 12 countries with teams from 8 to 120 people
  • Praised by customers and colleagues for timely delivery of program commitments with high quality and transparent communication
  • International experience: UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Canada and USA.


  • Team Dynamics, Program Planning, Partner Management, Risk-Mitigation, Project-Rescue, Training, cross-functional and distributed teams.
  • Facilitation, Coaching, Collective Prioritization, Process Development and Evangelization.
  • Fluent in English, Indonesian, Czech; intermediate French.