Yanti Andriyani

Lecturer in Department of Computer Science @ University of Riau

“Learning is a process where knowledge is presented to us, then shaped through understanding, discussion and reflection.” – Paulo Freire

She is a Lecturer in Department of Computer Science at the University of Riau and currently pursuing her Ph.D. degree at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the University of Auckland. Her research focuses on exploring on how agile teams learn from the knowledge shared, reflect on the knowledge gained and find ways to improve the process. The best part of her research is not only the topic, which emphasizes on the reflection, the research processes itself also guided her to keep ‘inspect and adapt’. She would like to share her research experience in agile and the overall findings of her research. It is expected by sharing her research experience would provide new insights for the researcher to explore more on agile software development. As well as for the agile practitioners would gain knowledge from the research results about knowledge management and reflection in agile software development.

Areas of expertise: Software Engineering (Information Systems Analysis and Design, Requirement Engineering, Agile), Qualitative Analysis (Thematic Analysis Using NVivo).